The Whidbey Island Holistic Health Association (WIHHA) provides valuable information and services to anyone interested in holistic health. Whether you are a client, practitioner or business— you can benefit from becoming a member of WIHHA.

WIHHA is committed to supporting the personal and professional growth of holistic practitioners, so they in turn can support their clients. One of the greatest benefits of being a WIHHA member is the support and fellowship of like-minded practitioners.

Joining WIHHA demonstrates your belief in the principles and practices of holistic medicine and makes you a vital partner in our vision to increase the awareness, understanding and practice of holistic medicine on Whidbey Island. We hope you’ll join us.

Professional Membership $50

Professional members receive one listing in our searchable, on-line membership directory for one year; the opportunity to present and participate in WIHHA events, lectures, and classes; availability to advertise through on-line and event materials; and a vote to decide the direction and actions of WIHHA in the future.

Additional modality listing $5 each

Group Membership $50

A group or professional organization can also join WIHHA. At least one person from the group or organization MUST already be an individual member of WIHHA for the group to join. Groups have their own profile page and can have their own table at health fairs. Group membership will not confer other privileges that individual members get, such as voting at the annual meeting, giving talks, etc.



Photograph by Mark Gaggia

Photograph by Mark Gaggia