Michele Duncan King - LMT, RYT


Whidbey Ripple Effect

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website: http://www.WhidbeyRippleEffect.com/

I was first exposed to the workings of the human body while spending my early career in the law field, the first half as a court reporter and then as a paralegal in various disciplines.  I was fascinated with the forensic aspect!  Years later, after completing massage school and passing the boards, my experience was initially acquired while working in multidisciplinary health care settings, progressing then into private practice.

I specialize in deep tissue therapeutic massage and working within a health care team on patient wellness plans.  Every circumstance is so personal so I draw upon and integrate many modalities into sessions.

Subsequently, I have earned Registered Yoga Teacher certification and endeavor to also offer those yogic tools so that others may continue their own bodywork after leaving the massage table.