Decoding Your Canine Summit

Elizabeth Anne Johnson CBW, EEBW is one of 25+ canine experts speaking about health and well being, training, and behavior. This yearly Summit is hosted by Ness Jones – international animal behavior expert on separation anxiety. This is a free 5-day summit with interviews and free gifts provided by all the speakers. Elizabeth’s discussion is on the Five Element Personality of Dogs. She has recently written and published a book called Know Your Dog’s True Nature, Understanding Canine Personality through the Five Elements (Findhorn/InnerTaditions). Her book is scheduled to launch Sept 10, 2024.

Elizabeth has been working with the health and well-being of animals for over 30 years. She is an author, a TEDx speaker, and happy mom of Pretzel and Wilbur.

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Begins June 17 (US date)
Presented in Australia time -AEST
Online -
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