Ann Amberg - M.C.S.


Deep Imagery Healing



Deep Imagery is a guided therapeutic journey into the imaginal realm. In the Deep Imagery experience, I gently hold your journey as you enter into the deep imagination and access your innermost self. Deep Imagery is a living portal to your inner wilderness—you will engage directly with animal and nature guides to address your health and well-being. The process is self-directed and action-oriented, and offers specific direction, resources and creative solutions to personal issues including life goals, ancestral lineage, family challenges, mental and energetic balance, depression, anxiety, relationship to dreams and the unconscious, ecopsychology, and systemic physical concerns.

The Deep Imagery inner journey is a modality that has evolved from active imagination/Jungian depth psychology and an ancient indigenous relationship with animals. It is a collaborative commitment with nature to our own “wild nature”—our deep inner process.

Ann Amberg, M.C.S. is a certified Deep Imagery practitioner through the International Institute for Visualization Research, a 501(c) organization.