L. Jane Barnes - ND, Health Coach


Dr Jane Health Coach


website: http://www.drjanehealthcoach.com

I help men and women with weight or energy issues drop belly bloat, zip their pants, smile at the mirror, and flaunt it.

Over the years in my primary care practice as a naturopathic physician I helped hundreds of patients lose weight. And then we’d do it again. I realized I needed to become better at helping them keep it off – so I trained for 1.5 years through a graduate program for health coaching. I have developed a 90-Day program that allows me to spend 45-60 minutes weekly, on the phone, with clients helping each person discover, unravel and move beyond the obstacles or misunderstandings that have prevented Transformational Lasting Change.

I offer a 30-minute Discovery Session FREE by phone to help you understand your desires and how best to move forward toward those, whether that’s with me or not! Call today, or go to my website to schedule your discovery session. I look forward to talking with you, or someone you refer, soon!