Merrily Black, Reiki ART/Master


Connecting Souls, Int'l

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I don’t read minds,
I read frequency, energy, vibration.

Everything is energetically imprinted with multiple characteristics, like fingerprints.
People inadvertently give off residual energy to their names, objects, even other people and these imprints and frequencies can be read.

They can be seen, heard, felt.

Information such as personality, feelings, illness, motives, mannerisms, barriers, and probabilities can be observed from the surface mask to the depth of what lies within.

Imagine threads on a multi-dimensional web, You can interact and move with these frequencies following them backwards as time folds to connect to a specific place, origin of a behavior or event. And forward, fish-boning probabilities to the most likely futures.
These vibrations are malleable, and you can introduce ideas, shift and work with the energy to see how and where it opens and closes to clear and remove barriers.

You can connect individuals together and read them, similar to musical instruments resonating, there are an infinite number complimenting and contrasting combinations.