Sarah Chappelle, ND


Whidbey ND



Whidbey ND provides naturopathic direct primary care to Whidbey Island and beyond.

Our mission is to use the least invasive, most effective means of relieving your suffering and restoring you to health. Whidbey ND operates as a primary care clinic which can manage a broad range of health concerns, providing conventional diagnosis, lab testing and imaging orders as well as an array of naturopathic assessments and treatments.

We employ lifestyle education, nutrition, botanicals, homeopathics, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and biofeedback to meet you where you are in the gentlest manner possible. Where appropriate, we provide minor surgery, prescriptions for non-schedule pharmaceuticals, and coordinate care with specialists.

We are located on the 3rd floor of the China City professional suites. From the first floor, proceed to the elevators up to the 3rd floor. From the 2nd floor, the main restaurant level, either take the stairs up or the elevator up one floor.