Colette Chandler Cramer, CST


Colette Chandler Cramer


My Bio
I’ve had a passion for health and healing for as long as I can remember. I trained to be a Physician Assistant, graduating from Baylor College of Medicine in 1986. I worked as a PA for 25 years in a variety of disciplines, starting in Pediatrics and ending in Hospice. During this time I spent two years apprenticing in a naturopathic clinic and began studying complementary medicine. The two most important things I learned from my patients about are first, that listening deeply to a patient’s story is essential in understanding how to care for that patient, and that listening itself is often a part of the healing process. Second, the body has its own wisdom, and it often speaks to us.

CranioSacral Therapy
When I retired from my practice as a PA, I was drawn to study CranioSacral Therapy [CST]and was certified as a therapist in 2017. I resonate strongly with this modality because it is based on “listening” with my hands to follow the wisdom of the patient’s body.
First, I use my hands to palpate the cranial rhythm, which is created by the movement of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. Second, I “listen to” or palpate tension, restrictions, or discordant energy in the tissues of the body with my hands and use a variety of techniques which allow these imbalances, restrictions and blocks to relax, release and restore health. I allow the cranial rhythm to guide me while working. Even though it is gentle work, it can be profoundly effective on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Turning Point
In the Spring of 2020, near the beginning of the coronavirus ‘stay at home’ order, my niece, Ariana, asked if I would try a ‘virtual’ CranioSacral treatment with her. We had worked together in person many times. Because I was curious and knew it was possible, I agreed to try. We both noted an ability to connect deeply. While I missed the benefit of human touch, I did notice an unexpected gain. We used dialogue as a tool to stay connected; sessions were more interactive. I was able to settle more deeply into my role as guide and witness while she was able to participate more fully in the journey to access her body wisdom. Her request ultimately served as a catalyst for me to expand into distance healing. I took a 30 hour course in Distance Healing from one of my mentors, Suzanne Scurlock CST-D, to refine my skills. And now I’m practicing regularly.

What a Distance Healing session is like
In distance healing, we are working in the quantum energy field [outside time and space]. We stay connected energetically throughout the session.

My first job is to create and hold a safe space for us to work in. Next I might work quietly with my “energy hands” to release tension or energy blocks in your body. Other times the session might be more interactive as we stay connected through dialogue. When this happens I move into the role of  witness and  guide while you keep your awareness in your body, describing sensations as they come up. We will both settle more deeply into listening to your body. I might ask questions to help you access deeper levels of awareness. Doors to healing  can open when a realization,  change in perspective, or knowingness occurs.
The session usually lasts an hour. Healing may continue after the session, from 24 hours to several days. It’s helpful for you to continue to be aware of sensations, releases, dreams, and realizations during this time.

During virtual sessions, Colette’s neutral, kind energy is very healing. She asks wise questions based on what’s going on in my body that touch my heart and both ground and lighten my energy. I also feel transformed by Colette’s in- person treatments. They uplift my mood profoundly and bring a feeling of integration and peace. Ariana

The power of this work continues to amaze me, even at a distance. After my first remote session with Colette, I feel… deeply grounded, peaceful and hopeful. I came into the session with concern about an upcoming project and vague discomfort in my stomach and jaw. As Colette attuned to my system with craniosacral holding and sensitive questions, an unresolved issue in my family came to the surface and so, too, my unresolved feelings. As the tension showed itself in my shoulder, ribcage, hip and jaw, it began to unwind like a twisted sheet from a restless sleep. I emerged calm and hopeful with new insights and possibilities. Wow. Just what I needed, at just the right time. Thank you, Colette! I feel safe with your work and grateful for your teamwork!

Tracy McCallum

For me, Colette’s delivery of CST provides a supportive portal, allowing me to enter and connect, more deeply than on my own, with the innate “turning towards healing” within myself (and all beings). Her ‘witnessing through touch’ provides a safe anchoring: my inner workings are free to investigate and release areas that tend to coalesce around unconscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and blocks in my physical and / or energetic flow. In this way, Colette’s skill with CST aids me with a powerful preventive measure against dis-ease. Her presence feels safe and is informed by her own curiosity and respect, education, and experience as a PA, body worker, and a life of spiritual practice.

Susan Berg, LMP

I had reached a point in my development after many years of talk therapy and meditation where it was time to allow my body to bring forward its physically held patterns for release and integration, and Colette’s craniosacral therapy has been a wonderful support for the unfolding of that process. She held space and intuited which parts of the body needed nurturing so that the imprints of various traumatic experiences could be reversed, allowing for more abundant free flow of energy. Such a gift! Tracy Peng MD

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