Colette Chandler Cramer, CST


Colette Chandler Cramer



My journey in healthcare began in 1986 when I was certified as a Physician Assistant.
I began my practice as a PA working in a county hospital clinic educating teens about pregnancy and childbirth. From there I moved into caring for newborns and children. Over time, I slowly wound my way through women’s health care, family medicine, natural medicine, elder care, and hospice care.

The two most important things I learned about medicine and healing during those 25 years were first, that listening deeply to a patient’s story is essential in understanding how to care for each patient, and that listening is also part of the healing process. Secondly, the body has its own wisdom and it speaks to us through illness. It might be trying to get our attention with illness; sending us an important message such as ‘slow down’ or “notice what you can’t stomach”. At other times it might be bringing lessons and gifts of wisdom.

I retired as a PA in 2010 and soon discovered I wasn’t ready to leave health care. I had studied many complimentary modalities during my career and because I resonated most strongly with CranioSacral Therapy [CST] I decided to explore it further. In 2014
I began studying Upledger courses in CST. By 2017 I was certified to practice.

I love CST for several reasons. First, the essential paradigm of CST is one of Listening; listening to the body with one’s hands. In this way of listening I’m able to tap into the wisdom of the body and allow this wisdom to inform me what is needed and where to focus.

Second, it is both subtle and powerful. Subtle because only light touch is used. Powerful because it focuses on the central nervous system; specifically on the soft tissue, fluid, and rhythm of the central nervous system. With directed light touch, tensions in the soft tissue around the central nervous system are released, and cranial bones are gently realigned. This serves to decrease stress and to realign and revitalize the nervous system, allowing it to run more efficiently.

Another benefit of CST is the potential for releasing energy that has been trapped in tissues as result of trauma. This allows healing in emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of one’s life as well.

Finally, because the central nervous system interacts directly with other body systems – musculoskelatal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, and endocrine – CST has a healing impact on these systems as well. Pain is often diminished or resolved.

Why have I launched a new career when it’s just about time for retirement? Simply put, I’ve developed a passion for this work. I love witnessing the changes and healing that occur in clients and I love to practice. I move into a deeply settled state full of awe and respect for the healing process.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions or would like details about getting started.