Molly Fox, ND


Foundations of Health (Located in Water's Edge Family Practice)



Molly Fox, ND provides naturopathic primary care services, including preventative health exams, and management of acute and chronic illness. As a primary care naturopathic doctor, she serves as a home base and point of first contact for patients and their families’ healthcare needs and helps them navigate the complex healthcare and insurance system. Dr. Fox completed a residency focused on integrative primary care and is a founding board member and current vice president of the Naturopathic Academy of Primary Care Physicians, and has been dedicated to promoting the benefits of naturopathic primary and adjunctive care throughout her career.

Guided by the naturopathic philosophy, Dr. Fox helps patients improve the foundations of their health by identifying and addressing the causes of disease and symptoms, treating the whole person, and empowering people to take charge of their health through education. She is passionate about providing the safest, most cost effective, and scientifically proven therapies that fit her patients’ lifestyles and individual needs. This often results in a blend of naturopathic and conventional therapies.

Dr. Fox practices at Water’s Edge Family Practice and Wellness Center in downtown Langley and bills most private insurance plans. To schedule call 360-221-5343 or email at