Sarri Gilman - LMFT


(360) 221-4321


I am a licensed psychotherapist in Individual, Couples and Family Therapy. People call me because they aren’t feeling well. Together we will figure out how to help you. You can visit my website to read more about my philosophy of care for anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic health issues, and more. I listen to your wisdom and use it as a guide for us in therapy.

I also teach Boundary Workshops to explain how our Yes and No; (boundaries) is a guidance system/or compass in our lives for every relationship and every decision. How we relate to our inner compass is a big part of how we find well-being and healing in our lives. I write books and teach on this subject.

I am deeply experienced with trauma and I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I have been in practice 30 years and lived on South Whidbey for 30 years. I do some travel and teaching related to my boundary workshop.

I will spend time on the phone with you on your first call. I make referrals when I feel someone else would be better qualified to see you or if my schedule is too full.