Deb Helfrich


Insights Occur



As a Wellbeing Philosopher my niche is helping unwell people create a coherent narrative so they can communicate precisely with medical practitioners of all sorts.

I have fallen in awe of the empowerment within us.

I have personally experienced the healing that tuning forks can unleash. I am trained in the foundations of Biofield Tuning – the modality discovered and popularized by Eileen Day McKusick – but with my own twists.

I utilize Socratic method to help people with imprecise diagnoses, overlapping chronic conditions, and the overwhelm of contemporary life. I offer you a capable listener and questioner who can help you gain some clarity from within your own intuitive capacities about what contributed to your issues so you can target appropriate remedies.

I am a woo-woo guru, suffused with a serious analytical mind. I truly believe the modality is not the medicine, unless the practitioner has fallen in love with the tools of their practice.

And I will proudly wear the t-shirt that proclaims:

“Tuning Forks helped me save my own life.”

I’d be honored to facilitate your own journey to reclaiming your full spectrum well-being.

I find meaning and joy in helping others learn the basics of frequency & vibration as therapeutic and diagnostic tools – so you can get back into the driver’s seat of your own health.

We can work together in my home office in Useless Bay Colony, or via a web conferencing tool like Zoom, or even at the Cafe in the Woods or other great local venues. Doing acupressure on our hands in public with the weighted forks is a great way to learn how to balance internal and external energetic demands.