Patricia Herlevi


Neptune Girl Astrology/Whole Astrology

(360) 671-0176

website: https://wholeastrology.blogspot.com

Patricia Herlevi combines astrology, channeling and coaching as a path to spiritual healing. She sees astrology as an adjunct practice with nutritionists, energy healers, natural medicine doctors, and lifestyle coaches. (She is open to sharing the client’s astrological insights with the client’s healthcare providers). With Neptune Girl Astrology, Patricia focuses mainly on the Moon and outer planet transits as they usher in transitions and transformation. Patricia views all her clients as superheroes responding to a quest or the hero’s journey.

She delivers the sessions through Skype, MP3s, or other digital options. Please contact Neptune Girl Astrology at or leave a voicemail message at (360) 671-0176. You can also contact Patricia through the Astrologer Patricia page on Facebook.