Laurie Keith - BA, LMT


Attunement Arts



Attunement defined:
“to bring into harmonious responsive relationship”

Laurie has been practicing massage for over 25 years, taught yoga for 18 years, taught massage at Bastyr University for 10 years and continues her passion for exploring and sharing the amazing healing possibilities of the body.

She offers modalities and practices that can bring us into attunement with our innate inner wisdom and facilitate and support the body finding balance and an easeful path to vibrant health and well being. Deep nurturing touch, specific pain and injury treatment protocols, conscious movement practices, neuromyofascial release techniques, energy psychology techniques, and breath work offered that improve alignment, awaken and coordinate neural/fascial sequences, soothe and restore peace and ease, cleanse impurities, and release traumatic and chronic patterns allowing our body, mind and heart to receive the support, resonance and nourishment we need to awaken our own healing resources and come into “attunement” with life!