TraceyJoy Miller




In classes and individual sessions, I incorporate InterPlay and energetic healing practices to draw out your innate powers of resilience, healing and self-love. Together we step into a generative space where your next steps are revealed. With each step you take, I am there to support you.

I draw on my training in The Wallace Method, Ethics-Based Spiritual Healing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, ReConnective Therapy, and a variety of contemplative practices. The following principles inform my work:

Honor the innate intelligence of the system: Humans are resilient and self-healing
Living organisms, including humans, are sensitive to the quality of their environment. When an environment is supportive, our inner resilience and self-healing can lead the way. My job is to create an environment that supports and encourages your resilience and self-healing – and then, accompany and affirm your inner guidance.

Awareness allows us to recognize new possibilities
Together we engage your self-awareness. Awareness allows you to recognize where you are, see new possibilities and discover your next steps. As you take your next steps, you move into new territory while claiming your wholeness and embodying your essence.

Whatever arises reveals the path
We bring our attention and curiosity to what arises with loving care. Each moment is a hologram of the whole. As we attend to what is arising, resistance subsides and flow returns, allowing fuller access to your internal resources and new possibilities.