Elizabeth Polasek, MA, LMHC


Elizabeth Polasek Counseling

360 632 3353

website: http://www.elizabethpolasek.com

Emotional and Mental Health Counseling. I have 27 years in practice working with women, men and couples as well as workshops and group work.

My treatment approach is holistic. I utilize a variety of techniques such as systems theory, cognitive-behavioral, somatic work, family-of-origin, Lifespan Integration, experiential and spiritual work.

My work is client-centered and interactive. This is your time and we will work in those areas that are most immediate and important to you. I will provide feedback and support by offering alternative ideas and approaches to address your life issues. Past successes and personal strengths will be strengthened to create a strong internal foundation. If there are childhood traumatic issues, such as neglect or abuse, this foundation will allow the processing and release of the traumas.