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website: http://www.SaintLaurentCoaching.com

Welcome! I’m Sarah and I specialize in helping women 40 – 50 – 60 and beyond find Sacred Joy, Potent Truth and learn Practical Magic to live their shiny, grace-filled, One True Life.

You want to live your 2nd Act, the next 50 years, feeling fulfilled, joyous, valued and supported. You want to finally declare you are ‘Queen of Myself!’ I call this 2nd Act Magic.

Often women fall into the trap of over-doing, over-giving and feeling undervalued and depleted. They fear it’s too late to have the joy-filled, rocket-fueled life they daydream about.

One client told me “I feel like the life-raft everyone is clinging to in order to stay afloat. But I’m the one drowning.” Does that resonate with you? Many women today feel this way. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

I help you access the deep nourishment, renewed energy, and increased vitality, to feel lit-up, feminine, sensual and alive again.

You know this is not a dress rehearsal and you want to live a life with no regrets. Some of the words my clients use to describe me are ‘Fire-starter,’ ‘Mind-Reader,’ ‘Magic Maker.’

My coaching treasure-box is vast and deep. As a Certified Martha Beck Coach, I access the best tools and methods in the industry and combine them with my deep knowledge of ancient wisdom cultures, my connection to the Divine, and my uncanny intuitive prowess to help you find the thought or block that is standing in the way of you declaring YES! I am a creative, energetic, life-loving being.

I’m a four-time bestselling author and workshop facilitator offering specialized programs to women who want to reclaim their birthright – joy, confidence and a deep sense of belonging. I offer individual coaching on a limited basis. Feel free to reach out to me with inquiries.

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, EFT practitioner, Shamanic journeying, Dream Analysis, and Neuroplasticity training are a few of the tools in my toolkit.