Elisa Stone - MA, LMHC


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Elisa Stone, LMHC /Life Coach
I enjoy working with adolescents to elders, couples and families. I specialize working with individuals ages 18-42. I work with people who are experiencing life transitions, identifying life goals, parenting, have mental health challenges, who would like to better their communication and coping skills. I also support families who have a loved one with a mental health challenge and help them navigate the system.

It is my goal to foster a relationship of trust and compassion and to create a safe space for growth to occur. My approach is Person-Centered. It creates understanding, empathy, and caring. It also promotes understanding and acceptance of each person and meets them where they are in their life and healing process.

I specialize also in Life Coaching and teaching individuals how to work with and manage bipolar energies and anxiety. Mental dis-ease can be turned into a gift when the energies are managed in a healthful way through therapy, good nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, positive support systems, and positive thought.