Laurel Vogel - M.A.


Ecologies of Belonging


Ecotherapy helps you create ways to enjoy, heal and enhance your inner world through remembering and enlivening your connection to place and the more-than-human world. Specifically, contemplative and artistic methods are utilized, through methods such as Forest Bathing and Sacred Writing.

Ecotherapy utilizes conscious practices that promote reciprocity with the natural world, seeking to heal both ourselves and the natural world. Ecotherapy is ‘applied Ecopsychology,’ which can include gardening therapy, “green” exercise, animal-assisted therapy, wilderness therapy, eco-dreamwork, art-based ecotherapy, dealing with eco-anxiety and eco-grief, contemplative work, and much more. Our disconnection from the more-than-human world, which is seen as a significant cause of suffering, is the essential area of ecotherapeutic healing.