Diane Wyzga, Podcaster, Story Artist, Critical Listening Coach, & Founder Engaged Storyism® "Translating Images Into Action"


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I help people, communities and organizations listen out the important stories that need to be told and heard. Why? To create a space to consider new narratives, options, and solutions to reshape plot twists that come our way. Together we can shift awareness, behavior, even culture toward greater hope, imagination and understanding.  Now that’s healthy!

This is my story. I am a story listener and a story artist. I founded the practice of Engaged Storyism® with the belief that together we can rediscover fundamental storytelling principles and techniques which connect with listeners on a deeply human level. My expertise is helping you enhance your listening and communication skills to discover and reflect the core emotional story necessary to transmit your history, values and vision in memorable ways. Together we identify, shape and effectively deliver your essential story to arrive at compassionate conversation and relationship. Why? Connect or collapse. Ultimately, we create more lasting, authentic engagement by communicating effectively and connecting relationally.

*** critical listening and effective communication

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