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Your Life, Your Loves, Your Health, Your Story

Helping professionals clarify their ideas and amplify their healing message to connect, engage and influence

What does that mean for you? Imagine how it would feel to speak with purpose. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Our best chance of connecting, engaging and influencing our audience is by speaking with purpose. I can help you find the words you didn’t know you had to convert your hidden voice to your most powerful healing voice.



You want a communication transformation.
You have something to say but may not know the words to create the change you want to see.
You want to advance your business, practice or cause; but have no story.
You want to win a case, sell an idea, share a vision, craft a keynote; but the story is vague.
You want to connect with, engage and influence your audience; but can’t find the story line.


I’m Diane, your story guide. I help professionals like you find the words you didn’t think you had so that you can create a successful:

Origin /Brand Story
Book or Business Idea
Keynote or Presentation
About Page story that’s really about you
Purpose / Mission / Vision Statement aligned with your values


So that you:

Clarify your story message, direction and strategy
Remove hurdles and obstacles
Develop a plan with tools you can use to build your vision
Speak with confidence and conviction to make the change you seek
Are seen, heard and understood, and listened to while transforming the lives of those you serve

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We are setting out on the greatest adventure yet: crafting your best story from your heart!