Daniel Algeo, Pre-Licensed Professional, MA Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Intern, Certified Meditation Instructor (CMI)


Sacred Illuminations

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During these challenging times of crisis, I am providing brief therapy (4-6 months) via telehealth sessions to meet with my clients.

Occasionally, it is difficult to discern our needs and desires during changing stages of life or after significant life events. During these times, we may be unable to see all our available choices. Additionally, we can experience self-defeating behaviors that are barriers to experiencing the full range of life. Sometimes this is based on learned belief systems causing faulty assumptions and cognitive distortions we have adopted about ourselves, others, and life. Through therapy, I provide counseling services to a wide variety of diverse adult clients, aiding their navigation of transforming life’s obstacles into opportunities.

Together we will recognize ambivalence and employ strategies to create change. During this process, deep emotions often arise. These are rich opportunities for greater access to one’s inner life and catharsis. I assist clients in accepting and honoring these, educate about self-care, and guide them in the grieving process transmuting discomfort into comfort.

My life is dedicated to being a helper and improving the lives of others. It is an honor to walk with you on your healing journey and provide high-quality care. I look forward to joining you in the deeper realization and acceptance of self and in the creation of a peaceful and joyful life. I encourage you to embark on the first step towards personal healing.

Group and private meditation instruction for healing, creating joy, and improving one’s quality of life through the wisdom of the body and the intelligence of the breath. A universal approach is used that anyone can learn and everyone is welcome.