Sarah Birger, C-IAYT


Better Balance

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Sarah Birger began practicing yoga in 1994 as a way to recover from a serious accident. She began teaching yoga in 1999 as a way to connect with others curious about how to achieve greater health and well-being. She has picked up many certifications along the way to be of service for people who want to be stronger, more resilient and in right relationship with their true self and others. Sarah offers individual sessions, group classes and workshops as an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist and tai chi instructor as well as a Buteyko Breathing Educator and senior fitness instructor in the Washington state Department of Health program known as SAIL: Stay Active and Independent for Life!

Sarah specializes in working with people who experience anxiety as well as sleep disorders, hypermobility, and persistent pain particularly in the back, hips, knees and feet. Her goal is to help people achieve “Better Balance” in all aspects of their lives. Deeply curious, Sarah is a life-long learner and empathic connector who has been variously described as “an inspiring instructor” who “radiates kindness, not ego” and has “the vibe of a female Mr. Rogers.”

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