Elizabeth Johnson -- EEBW, CMFT


4Legged Wisdom and Wellness


website: http://www.4LeggedWellness.com

Elizabeth has been working with the health and wellness of small, large, and exotic animals as well as wildlife for more than 35 years. She has spent the past 25 years doing equine and canine bodywork and rehabilitation on competitive and companion animals, managing and solving nutritional issues and environmental effects, and using complimentary modalities to partner with veterinary medicine.

She has had the privilege to study and work under some of the top veterinarians and doctors in the field of saddle fit, nutrition, biomechanics, farrier science, CranioSacral therapy, myofascial release, trigger-point work, body balancing, Applied Kinesiology, herbal and homeopathic medicine, energy modalities and traditional Chinese medicine. She works from a point of deep clinical understanding, empathy and compassion for the animal.

Elizabeth also co-teaches with her veterinarian husband, Dr. Mark Johnson. They own Global Wildlife Resources, a progressive company dedicated to teaching and advising wildlife and animal welfare professionals throughout the US and internationally to bring care, honor, and respect to animals whether they are free-ranging, captive, or feral.

They teach wildlife biologists, government wildlife agencies, organizations such as HSUS, ASPCA and Vets Without Borders, zoos, animal sanctuaries, shelters and animal control officers. This instruction includes compassionate capture and handling techniques, self-awareness, animal awareness, and safe administration and monitoring of chemical immobilization.

In 2020 Elizabeth gave a 16-minute TEDx talk in conjunction with Sno-Isle Libraries, entitled Four Life Lessons From Our Old Dogs:


Here is the TEDx talk and an hour-long interview/Q&A: