Peter Lundeen, LAc, EAMP


Whidbey Acupuncture + Herbs



As people we invariably struggle at times. Sports injuries, chronic pain, allergies, digestive issues, chronic systemic disorders (autoimmune Lyme disease, CFS, long-haulers, etc.).

Sometimes we recover quickly, sometimes we lose touch with that capacity to restore and feel vital.

The good thing is… it’s in there. Usually it just needs a certain process to bring it back into balance. Chinese medicine is based on understanding this process of change, understanding patterns of health and disease. And it’s had a solid 2000 years of clinical practice and research.

After studying with some of the leading practitioners in the field of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I use a flexible framework for helping people get their life back. Whether it is using acupuncture, soft tissue techniques, or herbal broths, we can find solutions that works for you.