Lenore Norrgard - Certified Shamanic Counselor


Lenore Norrgard, Certified Shamanic Counselor


website: http://www.LenoreNorrgard.com

Since 1992 I have provided shamanic healing, shamanic counseling, ceremony, and ritual to help bring my clients into their spiritual wholeness and power.

I can perform shamanic healing on your behalf, such as soul retrieval, power restoration, extraction healing, and healing for the dead and their survivors.

I can help you to bring spiritual health and connection to your ancestors and hence your living family members.

I can help to bring spiritual health and balance to places, such as your home or workplace, which may be affecting you or your loved ones.

I also love bringing about healing for families and communities.

I often use Harner Method Shamanic Counseling to teach my clients the practice of shamanic journeying, a powerful way to access direct spiritual guidance useful in living life in harmony. It is a modern adaptation of classical shamanic practice, and is not psychological in basis nor in effect. It is effective in reinforcing healing and in accessing one’s own spiritual power.