Sue Averett, MA, MSW, Reiki Master Teacher

Sue, a 20+-year Reiki practitioner and master teacher for over 8 years, has an energy medicine practice in Freeland, WA, on south Whidbey Island in her home healing space, The Enchanted Studio. She also enjoys photography with an eye toward capturing the essence of spirit, and many of these photos are on display through her “Emanations of Love” project; (visit for more info). In addition, she custom designs aromatherapy mists, and offers a variety of workshops including “Self Love ~ Self Care,” where attendees are gently guided to tune-in to the beauty of their own spirit, become more centered and grounded, tap into their higher wisdom and learn simple techniques to care for themselves. Sue’s background involves several years of working with Native American teachers, as well as involvement with a variety of earth-centered practices, and so she brings this very nature-centered perspective into all that she does. She also facilitates “Touchstone,” a women’s spirituality group.

Whidbey Island Reiki

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